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Lockdown - And how to survive it!

Now in the second month of lockdown we have all gained new skills in Zoom, Microsoft Teams; learnt how to socially engage remotely and learnt how to cook with a constrained supply of foodstuff.

Also for many of us there may be a feeling of being rudderless, lacking focus and missing the purpose that comes from the routine of work, the school run, shopping etc. As jobs around the house or in the garden start to run out these feelings only increase.

Whilst we hope that restrictions may soon be lifted our past life is unlikely to return completely for some while.

Here are my 5 top tips for survival.

  • Create Routine Plan your day and week. give yourself a mix of tasks and activities both essential and relaxing. Keep tasks relatively short and focused.

  • Exercise Get at least 30 mins per day. It could be a walk, following an exercise video a bike ride. it doesn’t have to be hard core or vigorous, keep within your limits.

  • Set achievable targets Starting and finishing something in a reasonable time give a great feeling of achievement and motivation to do more. Whether its gardening, decorating, cooking or a craft project set a target or milestone achieve it and feel the buzz of pride and satisfaction

  • Try something new Whether it’s a language, new craft / cooking or gardening technique, a new author or artist now is a great time to give it a go. new experiences and stretching you beyond your usual comfort zone is great way to constructively burn time and will boost confidence.

  • Help others Call a neighbour, offer to shop, collect medicine for someone who cant get out. Make a donation, are a whole host of things you can do to male it easier for someone else during this time. It will leave you feeling positive and confident you are making a difference.

I hope this helps. If so give it a like. If there are things you are doing which you wamt to share please put them in comments.

Stay safe and sane

LEAF Consulting

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